Jesse Kahn, LCSW

Director, Supervisor, Therapist, & LGBTQ+ Consultant

I am a licensed clinical social worker with postgraduate training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and AASECT certified sex therapy.

In my practice, you'll find an affirming, interactive, and knowledgeable space. I believe safe exploration of your concerns, fears, shame, and desires is crucial in our work together. I have a caring approach that includes empathic listening and active collaboration. Also, in our work together you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, identify your personal strengths, address patterns you wish to change, and learn tools to reach and sustain your goals. The aim of my practice is to guide you in creating a more peaceful and fulfilling life unique to you.

I have specialized training and expertise in working with: gender, sexuality, poly/non-monogamy, fetishes, kink, BDSM, sexual functioning, sexual anxiety, compulsive sexual behaviors, relationship conflict, infidelity, desire discrepant relationships, parents with LGBTQ identified or questioning children, depression, anxiety, addiction, and HIV/AIDS.


Master of Social Work from Hunter College's Silberman School of Social Work


American Institute for Psychoanalysis, Fellowship and Training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, In Progress




Therapist & Career Coach

I believe that human beings are, above all, adaptive. We develop powerful and unique ways to survive and succeed under conditions that are insensitive, unforgiving, and overwhelming. As a therapist, my approach builds upon the strength of this adaptive ability while remaining responsive to the anger, fear, and shame that can accompany it. I work with you to foster deeper self-compassion in the face of broader social circumstances that often encourage the opposite.

Therapy provides different things for different people: support, exploration, insight, guidance, growth. Whatever the process or purpose, the heart of this endeavor is the relationship between client and therapist. My approach is fundamentally collaborative, beginning by developing mutual trust and understanding, a foundation which then supports open communication and thoughtful deliberation.

I focus in particular on establishing a therapeutic environment grounded in compassion and sensitivity, where difficult thoughts and feelings can be shared candidly, and fear and shame become subjects of discussion instead of obstacles to it. I am an active participant in this process, moving at your pace or, when helpful and discussed, setting the pace myself. Together, we will establish and work towards goals that align with your vision of a fulfilling and fully realized life.

I have specialized training and expertise in working with: gender (transgender and gender diverse people), sexuality, non-monogamy and polyamory, fetishes and kink/BDSM, sexual functioning and sexual anxiety, compulsive sexual behaviors, trauma, and HIV/AIDS.


Master of Social Work from Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work


Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, Prelude to Training

Fellow at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, In Progress



Therapist & LGBTQ+ Consultant

Every human being deserves to find a sense of purpose and belonging in their lives, and it is my belief that these goals are achievable regardless of where you are on your journey. I find that human beings are strong because of, rather than despite, their adversities and, as a result, have a unique opportunity to build resilience and unwavering self-compassion. In our work together, you can expect a heart-centered, pleasure-positive, and shame-free space to express the parts of your experience that you wish to address; and I will encourage a collaborative approach in doing so. 

The decision to invest in therapy is understandably anxiety-provoking, and I am devoted to addressing this sensitively.  You will find that I focus primarily on cultivating a relationship with you, whereby change becomes possible through the act of relating rather than helping. I am dedicated to establishing a connection that both bolsters and empowers you, one where you will feel safe to overcome whatever keeps you from fully realizing the life you imagine.

I have specialized training and expertise in working with: issues related to sexual identity & expression, gender diversity & expansiveness, conflicts of faith/spirituality with queer & trans experiences, non-monogamy/polyamory, HIV-related concerns, desire discrepant relationships, infidelity, sexual trauma, familial conflict, LGBTQ+ individuals & groups, LGBTQ+ parents & children, sexual compulsions, anxiety, and depression. 


Master of Social Work from Hunter College's Silberman School of Social Work


The Ackerman Institute's Gender & Family Project, Making Gender-Inclusive Schools

The Center Training Institute, Substance Use & the LGBTQ+ Community, Trans Care Practices, LGBTQ+ Immigrant Concerns

The Anti-Violence Project, ILGBTQ+ Community & Intimate Partner Violence

The Trevor Project, LGBTQ+ Community & Suicidality